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1st TurboRun Manual Contents

Welcome to 1st TurboRun! Welcome to 1st TurboRun!
      What's new? What's new?
            What's new in version 2.0? What's new in version 2.0?
      How to use How to use
            Finding files and folders with 1st TurboRun Finding files and folders with 1st TurboRun
                  Customize the list of folders to search Customize the list of folders to search
                  Search for recent items Search for recent items
                  Changing the search results box layout Changing the search results box layout
            Activating 1st TurboRun window Activating 1st TurboRun window
      Dialogs and Menus Dialogs and Menus
            TurboRun Dialogs TurboRun Dialogs
                  Include Folders Menu Include Folders Menu
                  Customize Folders Menu Dialog Customize Folders Menu Dialog
                        Menu Item Properties Dialog Menu Item Properties Dialog
                              Folder Properties Dialog Folder Properties Dialog
                  Select Period Menu Select Period Menu
                  Select Custom Period Dialog Select Custom Period Dialog
                  Search Input Box Search Input Box
                  Search Results Box Search Results Box
                  Search Results Box Context Menu Search Results Box Context Menu
            Main Window Main Window
            Main Menu Main Menu
                  File Menu File Menu
                  View Menu View Menu
                  Help Menu Help Menu
            Toolbar Toolbar
            Options Dialog Options Dialog
                  TurboRun Options TurboRun Options
                  Keyboard Options Keyboard Options
                        Edit Keyboard Shortcut Dialog Edit Keyboard Shortcut Dialog
                  Shell Options Shell Options
                  Language Options Language Options
            Tray Icon Menu Tray Icon Menu
            Toolbar Menu Toolbar Menu
      Keyboard Shortcuts Keyboard Shortcuts
      Tips & Tricks Tips & Tricks
      How to purchase... How to purchase...
            Secure On-line Order using Credit Card Secure On-line Order using Credit Card
            Credit Card Order by Phone Credit Card Order by Phone
            Credit Card Order by Fax Credit Card Order by Fax
            Check / Money Order Check / Money Order
            Purchase Order Purchase Order
            Bank / Wire transfer Bank / Wire transfer
            Order by Cash Order by Cash
            Purchase this product on a CD-ROM Purchase this product on a CD-ROM
            Order form Order form
            Pricing Details Pricing Details
            Our e-commerce providers Our e-commerce providers
                  Emetrix Emetrix
                  RegNow RegNow
                  RegSoft RegSoft
                  ShareIt! ShareIt!
      More Green Parrots Software products More Green Parrots Software products
      Contacting authors Contacting authors

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