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Search for recent items

Search for recent items

Suppose that you have just downloaded and installed new great program. The setup is finished, but you did not notice where the program installed. Or may be yesterday you wrote some good ideas into the new document and saved it with an unobvious name like Document35. How do you find such documents and programs quickly? The solution is easy: you should apply a date filter in 1st TurboRun!

How to filter search results by date?

Select "Show items added/modified in" item in the View Menu. You will see a Select Period Menu containing a list of predefined periods to filter search results. Select "This day" to show programs and documents added or modified today. Select "This week" to show items modified this week and so on.

If you did not enter anything into the Search Input Box, then all items added or modified within the selected period will be shown. When you start typing into the input box, Search Results Box will be narrowed down to include only items matching your entry and applied date filter.

How to detect if the filter is turned on?

The "Recent only" button on a Toolbar will become "pressed" if filter is turned on. Also, you can check which option is turned on in the Select Period Menu. When "All" is checked, then no filter is applied, otherwise a checkmark will be set for the currently selected period.

How to turn the filter off?

The easiest way is to click on the "Recent only" button on a Toolbar. Or you may click "All" menu item in the Select Period Menu.

How to apply the filter again?

Click the "Recent only" button. Pressing this button will toggle filtering on and off. When you switch the filter on, then the last used period will be applied. I.e. if you have previously filtered results using "This month" selection, then the next time you press "Recent only" button, the search results will include only items added or modified this month.

How to filter by period not listed in the menu?

You should apply a custom period. At first, you have to define this period by using "Select custom period..." menu item in the Select Period Menu to open the Select Custom Period Dialog. If you select 2 days in this dialog, then the search results will include only items added or modified no longer than two days ago.

To apply custom period next time, you will not need to select it again (of course, if you do not need to change the period itself). Just click "Custom" menu item in the Select Period Menu.

How to apply the date filter fast?

Use "Recent only" toolbar button to quickly turn the filter on and off. Press little arrow near this button to access the Select Period Menu fast. Press Alt+R keyboard shortcut to toggle date filter on and off using keyboard.

Why some items in the search results are marked with bold?

Search results include the matching items and their parent folders. However only matching items are displayed in bold.

How to get an actual date when an application or document was added or modified?

This information is shown in the "Changed" column of the Search Results Box. If this column is not visible in the search results, read Changing the search results box layout topic to learn how to make this column visible.

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