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1st TurboRun - Get to any program, document or bookmark in seconds!

Instead of digging into Start Menu and My Documents, type a few characters and hit [Enter]!

Running Programs

Running Programs

Do you have to wait each time you open the Start Menu? Your Start Menu does not fit the screen? No more wait! Get to any program in under a second. Did you install a nice program this week, but can't find it now? 1st TurboRun allows you to find all recently installed programs with a few clicks!
Accessing Files and Documents

Accessing Files and Documents

Do you have a huge number of documents in My Documents folder? Now you can access them as simple as 1-2-3. Type a few characters and hit [Enter] and the document is ready for work. Saved document yesterday and forgot its name? No problem! 1st TurboRun will show you such documents with two clicks.
Browsing Internet Favorites

Browsing Internet Favorites

How many clicks do you need to open your favorite bookmark? Do you need to wait for your browser to load before selecting one? Now you can do it much more faster! Type 2-3 characters and get to any desired bookmark!

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NEW! 1st TurboRun Internet - this subset of 1st TurboRun allows you to go to any favorite web site as fast as you can type! FREE for your personal use!
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Stop browsing through endless folders to launch applications, documents and bookmarks!

1st TurboRun allows you to access all of them in seconds using any part of their name.

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